Degree Progress

Spring '10
  • Precalculus I (College Algebra)
  • English Composition I
  • Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies
Summer '10
  • Precalculus II (Trigonometry)
  • Remedial Chemistry (shut up, I didn't take it in high school)
Spring '11
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry I 
  • English Composition II
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry II 
  • Physics for Science & Engineering I

other pertinent classes:
Astronomy: Solar System
Calculus & analytical geometry III
Linear algebra
Differential Equations
Physics for Science and Engineering II
Physics for Science and Engineering III

other requirements for associate's degree:
Speech 1100
Biology 1120 (Intro to Genetics)
English 1159 (Greek Mythology)
English 1154 (Film as Literature)
Anthropology 1125 (Physical Anthropology)
Sociology 2220 (Sexual Relationships, Marriage, and Family)
Philosophy 1117 (Ancient Philosophy)